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In the USA there are only around 200 micro lenders. Almost all of those loans are for businesses. These lenders only lend less than 1M dollars a year compared with India at $7M+ a year in micro loans. Many of these institutions require capital collateral and additional guarantees.

How it works:
  1. Submit a request on our wallet app or related online forms.
  2. We will do an evaluation/underwriting review.
  3. We will load the funds or voucher on the wallet app immediately after approval.

Minimum Requirements:
  1. Full Name, email, and phone
  2. Photo ID
  3. Verifiable Employment if applicable.
  4. Pay stubs or bank statements if applicable.
  5. Certain restrictions may apply based on location and other factors.
  6. Must use and its processor before applying for a loan. The processing data is used in determing our desision.
  7. Revenue share program available.

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