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Auto Repairs

‍Everyone has unforeseen expenses with auto repairs. They always come up when you don't have the money for the repairs. Get help with auto repairs. provides another first in assistance with transportation costs & repairs. Most of the assistance programs will help with food, rent, and even utilities. Many assistance programs have income requirements and expect you to look for a job or maintain a position. However, they won't help you get to your appointment. Most of them will give you a bus pass, but the travel time is an average of 1.5 hours. What if you have a family of 3? That's almost 5 hours on the bus. How does that work with a job?

How it works:
  1. Submit a request on our wallet app or related online forms.
  2. We will do an evaluation/underwriting review.
  3. We will load the funds or redeemable vouchers on the wallet app immediately after approval.

Minimum Requirements:
  1. Full Name, email, and phone
  2. Photo ID
  3. Verifiable Employment if applicable.
  4. Pay stubs or bank statements if applicable.
  5. Certain restrictions may apply based on location and other factors.

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