Charging less and giving more
to help people! is the first digital charity in the world. We are a social purpose corporation that operates similarly to a non-profit, except that we sell services and products to raise funds to further our objective.

The money we make goes into our social objective and the technologies that help us achieve it.

Meet the team

Charles N. Rogers

Founder &

Prerak Mathur

Chief Design

Jaspreet Singh

of Development

Our Story

"In the perils of entrepreneurship and life, I have found myself homeless. Many of the challenges I've faced, and the experiences I gained, are reflective in this product offering. With the recent economic downturn, I have found myself instructing my educated peers on how to survive when homeless and jobless. I want to present one of the world's first digital global charitable companies."

Our Mission

lar·gesse / lärˈjes,lärˈZHes / Learn to pronounce noun generosity in bestowing money or gifts upon others. Definitions Oxford Languages

Where Business Meets Charity

Explore More is the world's first digital charity. We are a social purpose company much like a non-profit, except we provide services and products to generate capital to fulfill our mission.'s non-profit services are fulfilled through our wallet app and the payment services themselves. This includes credit, debit, ACH, gift card systems, and API with other reward systems. We are an L3C company, not a 501c3 We are a tech product company launching a wallet & gateway. Also, we have different technologies we are developing to fulfill our social mission. "A Payments System For The People"

What do we do with the revenue?

The revenue we generate goes towards our social mission and the technologies that support them.